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Adult emperor penguins stand up to 110–130 cm (43–51 in) tall. The weight ranges from 22.7 to 45.4 kg (50 to 100 lb) and varies by sex, with males weighing more than females. It is the fifth heaviest living bird species, after only the larger varieties of ratite.Class: Aves.

Nov 15, 2016 · The Emperor Penguin is the biggest species of penguin, in terms of both height and weight. Adult Emperor Penguins reach between 1.15 and 1.22m (3.8 and 4ft) in height. The largest Emperor Penguins weigh between 40 and 45kg (88 to 99lb).

Emperor penguins are the largest of all penguin species with an average weight of around 30kg (66lb) but can be up to 40kg (88lb) and a height of approx. 1.15m (3.8ft). They have colourful feathers around their necks and heads, though are not quite as bright as king penguins which are almost as large.

Emperor penguins live in colonies all their lives, though they only huddle together when weather gets harsh. Adult emperor penguins cannot breed until they are around three years old, and usually wait around two to three years after reaching sexual maturity to begin the process of finding a mate.

An adult emperor penguin hovers high above her chick. Adults will go to sea for days or even weeks at a time to bring back food for their rapidly growing chicks. Towering peaks surround a massive king penguin .