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The African Gods are sometimes called Vodu or Orisha. Wiki. The Vodu or Gods of Africa are a race of superhumanly powerful humanoid beings worshipped by the native indigenous aborigine tribes.

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The concept of orisha is similar to those of deities in the traditional religions of the Bini people of Edo State in southern Nigeria, the Ewe people of Benin, Ghana, In Orisa Yoruba God and Spiritual Identity in Africa and the Diaspora, edited by Toyin Falola, Ann Genova. New Jersey: Africa World Press, Inc. .

The publisher All-Negro Comics, Inc. published a single issue of All-Negro Comics (June 1947), a 15-cent omnibus, at a time when comics generally cost a dime, starring characters that included Lion Man. Lion Man is a young African scientist sent by the United Nations to oversee a massive uranium deposit at the African Gold Coast. Wearing a loin.

Jul 01, 2017 · Itan Part 1: The Orisha Graphic Novel films and comics, where Orisha become superheroes or highly photoshopped glossy studio-portraits. Tie and dye traditions were incredibly widespread throughout West and Central Africa and would have been known to many of the enslaved peoples brought to the United States and Latin America.