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How Do You Calculate Sales Revenue? | magin show adults 50 cents

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This calculation should be done separately for each type of unit the company sells. In the example, 2500 apples multiplied by 75 cents equals $1875, while 1750 bananas multiplied by 50 cents equals $875. Add the revenue of each product. Add the revenue generated by each unit .

Biography. Matthew 'Magic' Morgan has had a long, storied career that started when he was six years old. After learning a coin trick from his grandfather'who had worked during a carnival at one time'Matthew began performing and hosted his first show, charging neighborhood kids 25 cents.

Win $50 Worth of Free Candy February 23, 2012 by but instead after he dropped me off I would take the dollar meant for the plate and went to the store and got 50 cents worth of penny candy, 2 boxes of 25 cent cherry clans and a Freezee. To bad it didn’t last, apparently adults like to talk, something my 10 year old self didn’t quite.