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Oct 24, 2014 · Tricklestar's motion sensor power strip switches outlets when movement is detected. The 2-in-1 power ON/OFF rocket switch integrates a 15 amp circuit breaker overload resettable circuit breaker. Power strip has a surge protection LED, where the green LED light indicates that surge protection is working well when lit.3.6/5(6).

The Motion Sensor Advanced PowerStrip is an energy-saving surge protector that monitors activity in the workspace by detecting motion. When the workspace is unoccupied for a specified period of time, it automatically removes the power supplied to selected outlets, thereby reducing power wasted by the unused electronics.

Here is a motion activated LED light strip module designed for lighting areas only when the IR sensor detects movement. The light automatically turns on and shuts off after 10-seconds with no movement. In applications where there are no outlets, this LED strip is perfect as it's powered by a 8AA battery-pack and can last for longer than 30-hours.

USB Motion Sensor™ A Tier 1 advanced power strip (APS) reduces the amount of standby power (the energy devices continue to draw when they are plugged in, but turned off) electronics waste, saving energy and money. See All Tier 1 APS Tier 2 Advanced Power Strips.

The Watt Stopper IDP-3050 comes with a motion sensor. Photo courtesy Watt Stopper/Legrand Smart power strips come with a range of bells and whistles, but they all have two basic components: electrical outlets and circuitry that monitors and controls those outlets.Author: Nathan Chandler.