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The black salve is to be applied directly over the suspected area of cancer, all the way to the edges of the lesion. It doesn’t need to be thick, but just enough to cover the area. Implement caution when applying black salve to areas where the cartilage and/or skin is much .

Nov 15, 2017 · Black salve is a paste, poultice, or ointment made of various herbs.It’s applied directly to areas on the body with the hope of burning away or “drawing out” cancer. Black salve is commonly Author: Alex Snyder.

I have used black salve successfully to remove a breast cancer tumor which had metastasized to skin cancer on the outside of my breast. I am using it now to remove another tumor on the inside of my breast. I have reported my findings in an on-line journal with pics for those who are interested in seeing what black salve does.

The medical definition of "cure" is the non-reoccurrence of pathology within five years after treatment. By the very definition used by orthodox medicine, black salve is empirically a proven cure for skin cancer for the majority of those who use the product according to our instructions.Author: EMF Refugee.

Di Georgiou heals from breast cancer with black salve and essiac tea. Di Georgiou. This is my story, although it is not unique because there have been many people who have cured themselves of serious diseases using natural therapies. I first found a lump in my left breast in October of 2010.