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Palatal Thumb Guard - ODL - Orthodent Lab thumb guard appliance

I used your appliance [T-Guard] on my six year old daughter. I had tried to curb her thumb sucking habit through educating her on its detrimental effects to her dentition. When she was willing to try and discontinue her habit, I tried using a fixed habit appliance. After 6 months with her fixed appliance she was still trying to suck her thumb.

The Flat Crib thumb sucking appliance is used to restrain the patient from sucking their thumb. A.040” support arch wire first is soldered to bands on the first molars similar to other appliances. Wires are placed across the palate parallel to the occlusal plane to prevent the thumb from contacting the rugae.

Palatal Thumb Guard This fixed appliance is used for patients struggling to break a thumb sucking habit. It is fabricated horizontally to prevent the seal of the thumb engaging with the roof of the palate.

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The major categories of pediatric dental appliance are described below: Mouth Guards. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) and American Dental Association (ADA) recommend that children wear mouth guards when engaging in any potentially injurious activity, including sporting and recreational endeavors. Thumb Sucking Appliances.