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Naked Angels is a 1969 outlaw biker film, directed by Bruce D. Clark.Starring Michael Greene as Mother, Jennifer Gan as Marlene and Richard Rust as Fingers. Later documentary director Penelope Spheeris is a cast member in her first appearance as an actress. Actor Corey Fischer also appears in the cast.. The distributor of this film, called Favorite Films, started out in business in 1913 during Starring: Michael Greene, Jennifer Gan, Richard Rust.

Penelope Spheeris, Director: Suburbia. Spheeris is often referred to as a 'rock 'n roll anthropologist'. In 1974 she formed the first Los Angeles music video production company, ROCK 'N REEL. She concluded her music video work with the Grammy-nominated, "Bohemian Rhapsody" video for "Wayne's World". Spheeris' feature film debut was the 1979 documentary on the Los Angeles punk scene, " Occupation: Director, Miscellaneous Crew, Producer.

Most common folk know Penelope Spheeris as the woman who made the first Wayne’s World movie, and as significant as that movie would become in pop culture, Penelope gifted us with three other films that have much more depth and meaning to true punk rockers and .

Writer, Penelope Spheeris • Suburbia • Roseanne • The Little Rascals • Love Above the Strip • The Gospel According to Janis • Dead in Bed • Alien Souvenir. PERFORMANCES & INTERVIEWS. Penelope Spheeris, Performances & Interviews. Acting: • Wayne’s World • The Kid & I • Naked Angels • The Ski Bum • The Second Coming of.

Penelope Spheeris’ biggest commercial hit, Wayne’s World (1992), gave the world some of the greatest slang and style choices ever committed to celluloid. But long before directing the cult comedy, she pioneered the art of the music documentary with her groundbreaking trilogy The Decline of Author: Ivana Brehas.