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To create a (unordered) list you have to declare the itemize environment and then put the entries inside. Open an example in Overleaf [] Unordered listsThe unordered (unnumbered) lists are produced by the itemize environment. Each entry must be preceded by the control sequence \item.

Oct 16, 2008 · Some normal text followed by a list numbered by section then item number: 1.1 First list item 1.2 Second list item (which will be referenced) 2. Second Section Big Heading Some more normal text. 2.1 Another other item 2.2 A reference to a previous list item in this list (see item 2.1).

Here's a solution that doesn't require loading a package. Instead, the solution works by modifying two LaTeX macros, \labelenumi and \theenumi.The former determines how the item's "label" is shown, the latter affects how an item's number will be displayed in a cross-reference (arabic, roman, with or without parentheses, etc).

Mar 21, 2012 · List items of numbered lists (enumerate) can be cross-referenced using the standard \label{} and \ref{} command pair.Cross-referencing description items is not supported by default, but can be done with a few additional lines of code in the preamble.. Enumerate Ordered or numbered lists are cross-referenced with the label-ref command pair similar to figures, tables or chapters.